Navigating the site

We provide multiple ways to navigate around Japan Travel to make it as easy as possible for you to find what you are looking for.

Header navigation

Here we provide shortcuts divided by Interest, Destinations, Events, Planning shortcuts and Booking options. This universal, sitewide nav is often the quickest way to jump aroudn different sections on the site.


The homepage allows you to browse latest highlights of what's going on in Japan ('Things to Do'), as well as latest content on the site.

Through 2019 we'll be improving curation to further optimise recommendations and topical content, reducing emphasis on latest content.

Profile Page

If you're logged in, you can quickly jump to your profile page from the user menu. Here you can browse your own articles, see a Japan-wide map view of your contributions, as well as what articles are most popular.


Topic pages offer thematic-based content clusters of related information.


  • Destinations — learn about where each prefecture is located and go from there
  • Japan Map -– browse Japan in map view to see which areas are popular and which remain undiscovered.

We'll be implementing an HTML Sitemap within the coming months, as we roll out new navigation options.

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